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February 2017

I'll be directing WHEELCHAIR, a short ten-minute play written by Scott Mullens as part of the Short and Sweet festival Sydney, Week 7. With the fabulously talented Latisha Owens and Paul Kohn.

A woman in a wheelchair strikes up a conversation with a man in a park, talking about their lives and making bets about the behaviour of other people they see. Are they headed for love – or something else?

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November 2016

My words and image are currently being exhibited as part of Yoko Ono's Arising project at the Reykjavik Art Museum in Iceland, running from OCTOBER 7, 2016 – FEBRUARY 5 2017.

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July 2016:

Here is a little packaged story I shot for the ABC. This is my first experience of documentary style film. I learned a lot about TV formula during this process.

I've always had a burning desire to know more about my own cultural heritage and background and am currently making my own film on the same topic. Let the quest continue!!!

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May 2016:

Partaking in an artist residency at Bundanon Trust, NSW to further develop ideas for a new film titled Without Consent. This is my first endeavor into experimental, autobiographical narration.

Without Consent is my personal story about forced adoption in the late 1960's Australia.

Information regarding Bundanon Trust can be found here:

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DAAD RAMP program guest speaker in Hobart, Tasmania. Since 2011, I have been an artist mentor for Australian artists wishing to visit, experience and research arts and performance in Berlin, Germany. During the recent conference in Hobart, I gave a talk about the success of the partnership with mentee Yiorgos Zafiriou.

Details and outcomes of the DAAD RAMP program can be viewed here:

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FRESH FRUIT just won the "spotlight award" as part of the Academy of Taste Makers 2013 Awards in Hollywood !!!

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