“Fresh Fruit” explores the inner yearnings of a bored hostess, as she tastes a cornucopia of sweet and juicy offerings.


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short synopsis

Jean is working as a hostess for a large modern resort style hotel that is situated on a small island off the west coast of Trapani in Sicily. The hotel is built within an ancient cave, even so, amongst all this beauty and endless sunshine, Jean is disenchanted by her work and would rather be somewhere else. Her tendency toward day-dreaming allows her to escape the hum-drum of her routine work. She is bored with her job and wishes she could step out of her own life, take a risk and make everything change, and live in the grand imagination of more pleasurable places.


Hotel Guest - Maria Scaroni
Jean (Hostess) - Diane Busuttil

Extras – Dancers

Silvana Anastasi
Aurelia La Sala
Chiara La Placa
Giusy Impellizzeri
Aurelia Piazza
Martina Genco
Leonardo Vannella
Silvia Tosto
Elena Cangemi
Piera Spoto


Director - Diane Busuttil
Director of Photography - Gaspare Pellegrino
Director’s Assistant - Arlei Papa
Script writer - Diane Busuttil
Producer - Solaris Produzioni
Production Manager - Lucia Vesco
Production Assistant - Stella Rendina
Pre-production - Diane Busuttil
Cameras - Gaspare Pellegrino and Arlei Papa
Assistant Operator - Leandro Baldi
Assistant /continuity - Francesco Murana
Editor - Arlei Papa
Composer - Steve Heather
Sound design - Francesco De Marco
Intro music - Jane Arnison
Sound recordist - Mario Parmeggiani
Set Photographer - Mario D’Angelo
Runner - Luca Bologna
Catering - Camarillo Brillo Bar
Acting coach - Garry Lane
Dancer’s costumes - Arianna Scavuzzo and Candida Taormina
Jean’s costume - Lea Sövsö
Make-up Consultant - Romy Medina
Make-up a artist - Candida Taormina
Scenographer - Chiara Spanò
Scenographer's assistant - Stella Rendina
Hair stylist - Gaetano Pusanti (skip la comune)
Graphic Designer - Solaris
Script translation (Italian) - Michaela Stella Bagnoli
Vocals - Jill Emerson


Bartholemew Sammit
Denny Scott Davies
Christian Modesbach and Jood Nogueira
Jill Emerson
Elana Goodfellow
Adam Linder
Tracee Westmoreland
Dario Romana
Raffaele La Franca
Mariano Amoroso
Livio Gandolfo (Cave Bianche Hotel)
Davide Battista (bedroom)
Garbriele Treggi
Andrea Grimaldi

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