14min, HD, short film, 2017. Shot in Australia.

Synopsis -

Without Consent weaves a personal story about forced adoption in Australia in the late 1960s, told through a visually stunning journey through Australian landscapes. It recounts the legal climate that outcast young unmarried women who were pregnant during these years, the systemized abuse they endured in the name of God as well as the stories they hid.


Additional Information -

Without Consent does not directly speak for or against adoption. It gives a detailed and well researched account of what the birth mothers experienced in the hospital and how they were perceived in society. All of this is revealed through my own personal story. The film does not shine a good light on the religious institutions that considered unwed single mothers to be unfit parents and details how abusive and damaging forced adoption was. I myself was brought up catholic and am well aware of the moral stand point of the church's opinion on this topic. The information I used has come from the Senate report released in 2010 and the film was made as part of a Master's Degree in Research at Macquarie University.


Writer/Director/Producer - Diane Busuttil
Camera - Diane Busuttil and Gregor Hose
Editors - Abigail Portwin and Michael Baber
Composer / Sound Designer - Maria Alfonsine
Voice Recordists - Nick Molteno and Maria Alfonsine
Post Production - Michael Baber


Revelations Film Festival, Perth, WA
Down Under Berlin Film Festival (DUB), Berlin, Germany
Antenna Documentary Film Festival, Sydney, Australia
Sydney International Women’s Poetry & Arts Festival, Australia
Ultracinema, Mexico
Changing Faces International Film Festival, Sydney, Australia
Berlin Feminist Film Week