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Super Power is a two-minute injection of pure unadulterated energy that leaves you wanting more.

The mouth moves but nobody is listening. Crushed beneath the weight of patriarchy, Super Power reminds us to listen to our inner voice, act with conviction and become our own modern day deity.

Everybody is talking yet nobody is listening.
How can one's voice be heard amongst the clutter of every day experiences?
We are the collective white noise of our own existence.

Edited by Bartholemew Sammut with make up and camera by Romy Medina. Music by Pets on Prozac.

Chosen by GO Magazine as one of four Best of the Fest short films!! (see link below)

Super Power was selected as a festival highlight for THE 6th XPOSED INTERNATIONAL QUEER FILM FESTIVAL 2011. (see article below).

Director’s notes
I was interesting in using a stop time motion effect on a live moving image, much like a children’s flick book. I recorded all the moving material in real time then sped the whole thing up and condensed it to ten minutes. I editing with the sped up material to give it an atmosphere of unease. Pure movement whose timing has been altered to capture a stop time effect. My aim was to animate the human figure with the use of stillness giving the effect of the inanimate and the inorganic. I wanted to use this technique to portray frustration in a visual form.

The integration of split screen was a direct influence of the Mike Figgis workshop I had recently completed.

Screenings 2011
•Inside Out the 21st Annual LGBT Film and Video Festival, May 22nd, Toronto, Canada
•Festival MIX Milano May 27th, Italy.
•The 6th Tel Aviv International LGBT Film Festival, June 11-18, Israel.
•EXPOSED LGBT Film and Video Festival, June 22nd, Berlin, Germany.
•Newfest: The New York LGBT Film Festival, New York, 21 – 31 July, USA.
•SKEIVE FILMER, Oslo Gay & Lesbian Film Festival, Norway, September 16 – 21
•Hamburg International Queer Film Festival, October 18. - 23
•Image+Nation, Montreal, Canada