Yoga into Handstand Workshop (Adho Mukha Vrkshasan)

coming to Berlin in July at the Tanzfabrik.
Watch this space for more details.

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Diane Busuttil's previous training as an acrobat in the circus combined with her life-long knowledge of movement and yoga create the perfect discipline for the yoga into handstand workshop. Diane encourages her students to strive for the same strength and balance that she so gracefully executes.

We will learn the fundamentals of a handstand through Yoga and bodywork. We will acquire strength and stability of the torso, upper back, shoulder, arms and wrists through specific Asanas and partnered exercises. Our focus on technique, body awareness and the correct use of breath in movement will guide us on our way to the handstand. The inverted poses revitalize the whole system. Inverting the inner organs improves circulation, tones the glandular system, calms the brain and relieves stress. Participants do not need previous handstand experience to join this workshop. All levels welcome.

Over the years Diane has integrated release-based movement techniques into the class which are a perfect conditioning tool to temper the body into the sensations of weight sharing with gravity, enabling a clear sense of flowing swing between the floor and space to create the perfect anatomically balanced handstand.

Strengthens the shoulders, arms, and wrists
Stretches the belly
Improves sense of balance
Calms the brain and helps relieve stress and mild depression

Photo credit: Ali von Stein